Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hiring the Right Employee

Here at ManCans we just hired our first employee (excluding me and my parents). He is a older retired gentleman we know through my Grandpa. He has been interested in my business from the start, and he is someone we can trust to work at our shop alone. We interviewed several candidates, but he seemed most excited about working for ManCans and being a part of my business. The right employee isn't always someone you know personally. In fact, we knew him the least of any candidates for the position, but he was the most interested and willing to learn. Hiring a friend isn't always a great idea because if worst comes to worst, and their employment needs to be terminated, you should be able to fire them. Our new employee has taken over the duties of pouring the candles and mixing the wax, and also relieved alot of stress off my parents and I. He is a very innovative thinker who has brought a lot of real life knowledge to the company. Your employees aren't always the obvious choice of a friend, but someone who shows interest and excitement in what you are doing.


  1. Hart, You are so right that hiring a friend is not always a good idea. You're also wise to interview several people for the job.
    Now you'll learn a lot about employer taxes, payroll, FICA, workers comp, etc! A brand new set of knowledge to acquire!
    Carol Topp, CPA
    Author of Micro Business for Teens

  2. Awesome! It's great to find another success story from a teen. I too am writing a blog about teen business and am trying to collect as many teen success stories as possible. Yours really piqued my interest and its great to see others making progress! Keep up the Good Work! Also others viewing my blog are always asking how to get around the child labor laws and make legalized profits when their companies are too large to compete while "under the table".
    Thanks Again!