Monday, December 5, 2011

Commitment to Your Business

     Starting and running a business requires a lot of dedication and commitment. I put in alot of time and hard work for my business, and ask any other business owner and they will tell you the same thing. I spend around two hours a night with my parents working on the business. I also spent three hours the Friday after Thanksgiving at a homeless shelter volunteering with a few other families who volunteered as a family tradition. These people give up their own time to help others even if they don't get anything out of it. They get the satisfaction of helping others. There are some who give there entire lives to helping others. A woman I met who worked at a homeless shelter said she didn't have a day of work off from Thanksgiving to December 27th. Another person I met has given his life to working at a soup kitchen for a much lower salary than he could be making. There are Men and Women in this world who are commited and have given there whole lives to helping make this world a better place. By starting your business, you can use your business to help your community and to help your world.


  1. Spectacular, you are my youngest hero. I was beginning to think that drive and passion was something completely absent from your generation, but you've proven otherwise. I am a fellow entrepreneur, but I have a couple of decades on you. :)

    Can I offer you an idea? If you ordered the empty cans in bulk, and ordered the soup in bulk, you'd accomplish the same thing but it would save you and soup kitchen a TON of time, effort and money and everybody wins.

  2. Hart, You are wise beyond your years and an incredible young man. I meant what I said when I first met you at ODB and I will mean it when you are standing up on the NYSE balcony preparing to ring the bell one day, 'This is a man I want to serve on my advisory board, if not the board of directors.' Keep showing us how it is to be done!!

    Stephen J (ODB, Lima, OH)